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The Compact Tractor Company

The Compact Tractor Company specializes in the import and sale of young and nearly-new compact tractors. From its location in the former "IJssel Yard", the historically famous shipyard close to the Van Brienenoordbrug bridge in Rotterdam, tractors are supplied to companies, farmers, (sport ) organizations and individuals in almost every country in Europe.

The Compact Tractor Company was founded by father (Martin) and son (Bart) Ponte who are the engine of the company. Maintenance is done in their own workshop, including any pre-sale adjustments and / or the fitting of attachments to tractors.

The tractors sold by the Compact Tractor Company are mostly of the global brand KUBOTA and, in particular, the type BX. The choice of this specific compact tractor is motivated by the fact that these machines really can do anything their "big brother" can, but without a clutch and with power-steering. So, mowing, cutting, ploughing, working in riding stables, with the loader and all other actions will be a piece of cake. This is very attractive for everyone, young or older, small or large and professional or amateur. The BX comes with strong engines of 18-26 HP. It can be supplied for various business-related and private requirements and is ideal for use by landowners, farmers, children’s farms and hobby farmers, sports clubs, gardeners, allotment holders, stables, horse owners, breeders and kennels, etc.

The tractors offered by the Compact Tractor Company are often demonstration models which have been maintained throughout their short life by an authorized Kubota dealer. These machines are therefore extremely reliable, normally have a low number of hours on the clock, and are delivered with a warranty of three months.